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Turn Your Deposit Money Into a Donation

Starting NOW  The Bottle Depot will be accepting bottle donations for Whitecrow Village.

How to donate
When returning your empties advise the staff at the beginning of the transaction that you would like to donate your refund to Whitecrow Village FASD Society.

Where can I donate?
Donations will be accepted at all Victoria locations at 655 Queens, 4261 Glanford & 3961 Quadra.  All three locations are open seven days a week for your convenience.

Keep it Local
By returning your empties to the Bottle Depot you are keeping your money right here on the Island. Did you know that putting your refundable containers into the blue recycle bin sends them to a facility on the mainland? In one year this adds up to $400,000 leaving the Island! Just think of how much good this money could do by keeping it in our community to support local charities like Whitecrow Village.

Future Fundraisers
Does your community have a bottle depot with a similar charity fundraiser program?  Let us know and we’ll register Whitecrow Village so that you can support us in your community.

If you have any questions about the program please contact Jacy Morissette, Community Relations & Development at 250.508.9035 or email