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Creating Context for Understanding & Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

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L.I.F.E. Sessions

Our 5 – 7 day L.I.F.E. Sessions offer families and other participants a unique opportunity to learn, work, and play together as a community, and to gain what many describe as a life changing understanding of FASD.

Education for Schools & Educators

In the contemporary teaching reality of prescribed curricula, mandates & protocol; busy (often over sized) classrooms of students with diverse personalities, learning abilities and needs; compromised time for lesson planning, preparation, assessment, and reporting.

Interdependent Living

The term interdependent captures the supportive interaction exemplified by the Whitecrow Village team. An interdependent community is one in which all persons and the contributions they make are valued and respected equally.


Through our multi-faceted employment training programs, Whitecrow Village provides positive, stable work experiences for adults with FASD, and fosters an awareness of the skills and abilities that adults with FASD can bring to their workplaces and communities.

* Note: We are currently seeking to grow our team. Please contact us to learn about upcoming opportunities.

Addictions Recovery Support

Recognising that being understood is a catalyst to success in early recovery, the addictions recovery support programs at Whitecrow Village create opportunities for lifestyle changes associated with addiction.

At Whitecrow Village, our programs offer a model for a way of life in a setting that strengthens our understanding of what it means to be human in a world where everyone belongs and contributes.

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We are excited to announce these upcoming LIFE Sessions: 2023  December 11- 16  Denman Island, 2024 March 25 – 30,  July 15 – 20,  July 29 – August 3  Denman Island, August  12 – 17 Salmon Arm area.

Email admin@whitecrowvillage.org  for more information.


BY JACY LA MORISSETTE *simplicity* [noun] sim·​plic·​I·​ty | \sim-ˈpli-sə-tē :the state of being [simple , uncomplicated, or uncompounded] :freedom from pretense or guile:[CANDOR] :directness of expression:[CLARITY) :restraint in ornamentation:[AUSTERITY] *Simplicity* is the word that I landed on to describe my first experience of the LIFE Session [Live in FASD Education] held on Vancouver Island this July. ...

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Upcoming LIFE Sessions

Upcoming LIFE Sessions We are excited to announce these upcoming LIFE Sessions 2023  December 11- 16  Denman Island 2024 March 25 – 30,  July 15 – 20 2024 July 29 – August 3  Denman Island 2024 August  12 – 17 Salmon Arm area   Email admin@whitecrowvillage.org  for more information.

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