Programs at Whitecrow Village (Overview)

Whether you are a person who is directly affected by FASD, a family support member, or an emerging or practicing professional, you will find limitless possibilities for personal and professional growth at Whitecrow Village.


The primary aim of Whitecrow Village FASD Society is to provide families and communities with an understanding of FASD that will afford them the ability to regain hope and the strength to heal.  Whitecrow Village core programs offer fundamental stepping stones to enable communities to better examine the local causes of FASD and to provide practical support for the walk together toward prevention.  In addition to our L.I.F.E. Sessions, our Community & Family Stability programs include community and volunteer training sessions; motivational speaking and workshops for conferences, seminars, and other events; consultation and mentorship for professionals and local agencies; and ongoing support for families and persons affected by FASD.

Live In Education (L.I.F.E.) Sessions ("Camps")

Our 5 – 7 day L.I.F.E. Sessions offer families and other participants a unique opportunity to learn, work, and play together as a community, and to gain what many describe as a life changing – even life saving – understanding of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.  Participants have the opportunity to interact with each other and with our team; to engage in classroom and experiential activities which offer them an understanding of the support needed for individuals who are affected by FASD; and to experience an environment where the contributions made by those with FASD are recognised and appreciated.

4 Day Intensive Workshop for Communities

This 30 hour course is available in communities in Canada and abroad.  The Whitecrow Village team facilitators lead participants through exploration and discussion of contemporary understandings and issues of FASD.  Participants learn and exercise principles that can be used to guide the development of appropriate strategies and accommodations in all professional and social domains.  Concepts introduced through didactics are reinforced through experiential activities – modelling how moving from the abstract idea to the concrete experience can enhance understanding.  Combining practicality and inspiration, Whitecrow Village FASD workshops enhance communities’ ability to work cohesively and with greater effectiveness to address local issues of FASD.

Community Collaboration

FASD can be a platform from which to address community wellness.   Whitecrow Village offers long-term consultation and capacity building within communities in a relationship which allows communities to gain an understanding of FASD that reaches into all sectors.  Visiting periodically over months or years, Whitecrow Village team members interact with parents and foster parents, social service workers and program managers, local government officials, educators, economic development managers, maintenance and operations managers, Chief and Council, Elders, health care and legal service professionals. Combined Whitecrow Village/community events normalise FASD, mitigate the fear and inspire the community as a whole to move forward toward intentional wellness.

FASD Intensive Workshops

Whitecrow Village FASD Society offers FASD Intensive Workshops in two adaptable formats. Our workshops are ‘Intensive’ because they are experiential, give time for processing and practicing learnings, build networks among colleagues and provide practical and effective understandings. Like all WV initiatives, our workshops include persons who live with FASD as leaders and facilitators.

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**PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the severe allergies and sensitivities of many of our participants and team members, Whitecrow Village offers a fragrance-free environment. We ask that you refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes, or body mists, and from using scented soaps, deodorants, hair sprays, or any other strong scented personal hygiene products while attending or participating in programs at Whitecrow Village. Thank you in advance for your consideration.