Interested in Volunteering?

Whitecrow Village is all about people; each one with a unique contribution to make.  Our volunteers make up a significant part of our community and come from diverse backgrounds including persons who are directly affected by FASD or those who provide support for a family member or close friend who has FASD; persons with a professional interest in FASD (i.e. legal, medical, education, social service, and other professionals); or members of the community who are interested in sharing in our growing and learning experiences together.  Our volunteers routinely describe their time at Whitecrow Village as having been life changing, and many professionals claim that the unique learning gained by their volunteer experience with us has changed the way they approach their professional work.

Volunteer Projects

Whitecrow Village currently invites volunteers who are willing to share their time and expertise with us in the following ways:

  • Fundraisers & proposal writers
  • Legal professionals to offer advice pertaining to non-profit organisations
  • Catering/ cooks
  • Persons to assist with children’s day programs at L.I.F.E. Sessions
  • Skilled trades people who are willing to train Whitecrow Village team members and to act as mentors in the development of micro-businesses
  • “Recipe testers” to test recipes for our Whitecrow Village Cookbook
  • Food Safe, First Aid instructors for employment readiness
  • Public relations and media professionals
  • Computer Programmers and Web Developers
  • Artists (illustrator, graphic designer, professional photographer)
  • Academic researchers

Volunteer & Community Training

Throughout the year, we offer opportunities for persons interested in volunteering at Whitecrow Village to enroll in a 3-4 day experiential training session where they will be introduced to the unique programs and conceptual framework of Whitecrow Village.  These sessions aim to provide potential volunteers with a beginning understanding of the primary and secondary characteristics of FASD; and to offer opportunities for interaction with our team and with each other.  We encourage all persons interested in volunteering to attend these sessions (regardless of professional knowledge and skill) as it is here that potential volunteers begin to develop a common language and relationship with our community that will ensure success in their volunteer experiences at Whitecrow Village.  Upon completion of the community training session, we will begin discussions with you regarding the possibility of “fit” within our programs, and what specific projects may best suit your personal interests and skills.

To inquire about attending a community training session, or for more information about how to become involved with Whitecrow Village FASD Society, please click here to contact us.