Presentations & Workshops

Community Presentations & Workshops

Throughout the year, Whitecrow Village staff travel to various locations to offer persons in the broader community the opportunity to participate in our workshops.  Facilitated collaboratively by members of the Whitecrow Village Team, training sessions can be tailored to specific communities or organizations and address a broad range of topics.

Community training sessions introduce participants to the unique programs and conceptual framework of Whitecrow Village and offer the chance to explore within that philosophy.

4-Day FASD Intensive Workshop for Communities

This 30-hour course is available in communities in Canada and abroad.  The Whitecrow Village team facilitators lead participants through exploration and discussion of contemporary understandings and issues of FASD.  Participants learn and exercise principles that can be used to guide the development of appropriate strategies and accommodations in all professional and social domains.  Concepts introduced through didactics are reinforced through experiential activities – modelling how moving from the abstract idea to the concrete experience can enhance understanding.  Combining practicality and inspiration, Whitecrow Village FASD workshops enhance communities’ ability to work cohesively and with greater effectiveness to address local issues of FASD.

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Community Collaboration

FASD can be a platform from which to address community wellness.   Whitecrow Village offers long-term consultation and capacity building within communities in a relationship which allows communities to gain an understanding of FASD that reaches into all sectors.  Visiting periodically over months or years, Whitecrow Village team members interact with parents and foster parents, social service workers and program managers, local government officials, educators, economic development managers, maintenance and operations managers, Chief and Council, Elders, health care and legal service professionals. Combined Whitecrow Village/community events normalise FASD, mitigate the fear and inspire the community as a whole to move forward toward intentional wellness

Organisations that have sought out Whitecrow Village experiential training sessions in the past include government agencies, social service agencies, school districts, Non-profits, and First Nations communities.  Completion of a training session is a pre-requisite to volunteering with Whitecrow Village.

Conferences & Community Events

The Whitecrow Village team leaders are sought after motivational speakers and presenters on a range of issues regarding FASD. Individual or teamed members of the Whitecrow Village community are available for keynote address and/ or conference presentations, community or service club events, and round table discussions.  Our team leaders routinely speak on FASD specific topics such as:

  • Primary Disabilities
  • Secondary Disabilities
  • Life Transitions
  • Living and Succeeding with FASD
  • Healthy Interdependence
  • Structure, Support, & Adaptations
  • Self Care for Caregivers
  • Advocacy & Self Advocacy
  • Parenting & Family Life
  • Natural Support Systems (extended family, friends, etc.)
  • Foster Care & Adoption
  • Affecting Positive change toward healthy communities
  • Fostering Healthy Community Supports
  • Building & Strengthening FASD Community Networks
  • Addressing FASD Stigmas
  • FASD and Mental Health
  • FASD and Addictions
  • Navigating the School System with FASD
  • Employment and FASD
  • The Whitecrow Village Vision & Philosophy


Whitecrow Village presentations (led primarily by successful adults living with FASD) often astonish and always inspire the audience – both through their content and in the professional and powerful manner in which they are delivered.

**PLEASE NOTE:  FASD is a complex and nuanced condition. It is the experience of the Whitecrow Village team that a brief exposure to training on FASD can lead to the dangerous and false illusion of a thorough understanding of the full range of characteristics of FASD. For this reason, we do not routinely do short workshops about the academic points of FASD. We do, however, offer comprehensive workshops on specified, focused topics and in the context of the Whitecrow Village community model.

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