The Whitecrow Village lending library is now catalogued & available.

The Whitecrow Village lending library is now catalogued and available to Whitecrow Village FASD Society members to borrow. Thank you, Annemarie Richmond!

There are videos on DVD, journal and magazine articles (available by email) and other printed resources.

Some of the topics: General FASD Information, Diagnosis and Assessment, Intervention and Prevention Initiatives, Trauma and Healing, Social Skills and Activity Guides, Nutrition, Healthy Brain Development, General Brain Information, Parenting, Communication, Substance Misuse, Community Development and Strategic Planning, Legal Issues, Adulthood and Transitions. There are books for children on many of these topics.

Access to the library is one of the benefits of membership, so join us and support our efforts to:

  • Enhance the quality of life of those affected by or at risk of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder / prenatal exposure to alcohol.
  • Provide opportunities to increase knowledge, skills and understanding through conferences, workshops, publications and consultation
  • Inform and be involved in design and accomplishment of research